Saturday, July 31, 2021

ARY Digital Network celebrates 17 years of remarkable journey


ARY Digital Network is celebrating the 17th anniversary of its remarkable journey which began from a small office in London and has made it the largest television network of Pakistan.

The network which has millions of viewers in 126 countries, is proudly celebrating its 17th anniversary today (September 16).

Late Haji Abdul Razzaq Yaqoob laid the foundation of ARY Group. Haji Iqbal founded the ARY Digital Network while Mr. Salman Iqbal has been President and CEO of the ARY Digital Network.

The network started its transmission from Dubai in 2000. Since then, it has not only upheld professional values in these seventeen years but grew into a family of popular channels like ARY Digital, ARY News, ARY Zauq, ARY Zindagi, ARY Qtv and ARY Music. HBO and Nickelodeon are also the part of ARY Digital Network.

It is an honor that ARY News is the number one source of information for Pakistanis around while the plays aired on ARY Digital are popular among viewers around the world.

Besides entertainment and news channels, ARY is also spreading the light of Islam through its channel QTV.

ARY Films, who brought the Pakistani film industry on its feet is now ruling the roost in Pakistani cinema. ARY Films has received worldwide appreciation reviving Pakistani cinema with films like the recent hit ‘Punjab Nahi Jaungi’.

“It has been 17 years mashallah since we started ARY network from a small office. I would like to thank my family , my team and my viewers,” President and CEO ARY Digital Network wrote on Twitter.

Talking exclusively to ARY News, President and CEO of ARY Digital Network Mr. Salman Iqbal thanked his family, the ARY team the viewers of ARY Digital Network’s channels for all the love and support which made this journey a remarkable one.

“When we started our television station, a number of people were of the opinion that due to the presence of Indian channels and their large market share,  none will watch a Pakistani channel but today, not only our news but our songs, dramas are watched the world over and people recognise Pakistani stars. Our movies too are being watched every where,” Mr. Salman Iqbal said.

He said that once an artist told him that people have started recognising Pakistani stars after ARY Digital Network set its foot in the industry.

“All the credit goes to my father Muhammad Iqbal who took this step for Pakistan’s sake and then handed this flag over to me. I am happy because my team members cooperated with me and worked day in and day out to make this journey a success,” said Salman Iqbal.

He added that when ARY Digital Network started its journey, none thought that television will even become an industry in Pakistan but today a large number of people are associated with this industry and it has become a pillar of country’s economy.


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