Sunday, September 19, 2021

Australian special plane lands at Islamabad airport to evacuate citizens


ISLAMABAD: A special plane has landed at Islamabad airport to evacuate Australian citizens who got trapped in Pakistan after the closure of the flight operation, ARY NEWS reported on Wednesday.

According to details, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has permitted the Australian airline’s Boeing787 to land at the Islamabad airport and it would leave for Melbourne on Thursday afternoon.

The plane would be boarded by the Australian citizens who remained stranded in Pakistan after flight operations were suspended in Sydney.

Islamabad airport has remained in the spotlight during the past few days after it has remained at the centre of managing evacuation flights from Afghanistan after a Taliban takeover.

As per a report on September 01, Islamabad International Airport had handled 450 evacuation flights from Afghanistan.

ARY News acquired the statistics of evacuation flights at the airport that showed that it handled the flights of military and special commercial aircraft from Afghanistan.

Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCCA) is likely to witness increased revenue for providing assistance to the evacuations from Afghanistan through special flight operations.


It was learnt that 450 planes had landed and flew from Islamabad International Airport. The flights included planes of coalition forces and other airlines, whereas, seven aircraft of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) also took place in the evacuations from Afghanistan.

26,000 foreigners had been transported to the federal capital from where they flew to different countries via special flights. The national carrier transported 1,460 Afghans and nationals to Pakistan.

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