Sunday, August 14, 2022

Do You Know? Barbie has a surname


The internet is in a state of absolute shock after finding out that iconic doll Barbie has a surname.

Some people don’t need a surname – Cher, Seal, Prince, Madonna, Kylie, McLovin, etc. Barbie has also always been counted among this illustrious company for the past six decades.

Unfortunately, her place on the one-name-wonder roll-call isn’t in fact merited.

Because Barbie has had a surname all along.

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Earlier this week, the iconic doll’s Twitter account posted a message to celebrate siblings day and the internet had meltdown after discovering that Barbie has an actual surname.

And, no, her surname isn’t Doll. It’s Roberts. Barbie Roberts.

Her parents are called George and Margaret.

While some fans may have already known this, an overwhelming and huge majority were taken aback.

Barbie also has her own maiden name, as Ken’s surname is Carson, apparently. But that’s not the only name-related bombshell.

According to Barbie folklore, ‘Barbie’ is in fact her nickname. Her full name is Barbara ‘Barbie’ Millicent Roberts.

The fact she has three sisters seemed to catch people off-guard too.

Barbie was created by Ruth Handler in 1959. Over the years, Barbie has had many siblings, including Skipper, Anastasia, Todd, Chelsea, Kelly and Kristine.

Kristine was discontinued in 2001, while Kelly was replaced with Chelsea in 2010. Barbie’s brother Todd was discontinued in 1971 in the US and in 1980 in Europe.


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