Sunday, February 5, 2023

Horrific: Woman finds human finger in burger!


A Bolivian woman found a human finger in a burger that she was eating at a restaurant., a foreign news agency has reported.

WARNING: This post contains images some viewers may find disturbing 

Following the incident, the restaurant got closed down by the government and fines were imposed for negligence.

The woman, identified as Estefany Benitez, posted that she and her friend were eating their food at the restaurant, where she found a finger in her burger.

It went unnoticed till she had her first bite.

The disturbing Facebook post has at least 4,000 likes and over 4,400 shares. The videos alone have more than a million views.

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A clip shows her informing the staff about the discovery. They asked her if they could replace her meal.

They added that it has happened for the first time in the fast-food chain.

Benitez said that the restaurant continued its operations as if nothing had happened. However, the post came to the attention of the management and authorities as well.

A spokesperson called it an unfortunate incident” and mentioned that one of its workers had gotten their finger severed during work.

The police have verified the statement made by the company. It is uncertain if Benitez will seek legal action.


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