Monday, January 30, 2023

IQ Test: Can you spot mistake in Birthday party photo in 5 secs?


Brain Teaser for IQ Test: find the hidden error in the birthday party pictures in this fun riddle. Can you spot the error in 5 seconds?

If you love solving fun riddles, this brain teaser is for you! This Brain exercise allow you to tap into your analytical side and change how your brain works. Brain riddles like this make simple puzzle more interesting by adding fun tasks. Arriving at a solution requires thinking outside the box and analyzing the problem in a slightly different way. So, we came up with a fun brain teaser where you will have to find the mistakes hidden in the photos from the birthday party.

You need to find the hidden errors in the birthday party image. In the sketch above, we can see the couple celebrating their child’s birthday. The room has been decorated with balloons and presents are placed on the table. A child grants a wish and blows out the candles before cutting the birthday cake.

But were you able to identify the error in the photo? The answer is very simple, you should look closely at the image before answering the question. A word of warning, the answer to this brain teaser is right below the question, so be careful not to cheat by scrolling too far.

Brain Teaser Answer

In this riddle, you need to spot the mistake in the birthday celebration Picture where the Birthday boy is blowing the candles.

As it’s a smaller detail than you might expect, you probably won’t notice the error right away. However, if you wait a short while, you might be able to spot the error in the picture.

The candle flames do not change even after the blow, as seen in the photo given below,

Image Source: Bright Side
Image Source: Bright Side

So, the error in the photo are the candles’ flames. The candles are still glowing although the boy is blowing them out.

This brain teaser was a bit crafty but a simple one as it needed less time to solve. Such kind of mind riddles doesn’t require extra ordinary mathematics skills but is a simple test of intent observation and lateral thinking.

However, it sure feels great when you figure one out the answer in few moments. This mind riddle is just another fun way to analyze your IQ Level. However, attempting an actual IQ test is a good way of knowing your Intelligence level.


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