Saturday, August 13, 2022

Bushra Ansari slams criticism on viral dance video


Veteran actor Bushra Ansari, on Monday, slammed people who criticized her for dancing at a wedding party recently, months after her sister Sumbul Shahid’s demise. She also called out trolls for their ageist remarks.

Ansari, who attended a close friend’s grandson’s wedding party last week, was hit with a slew of nasty criticism after videos of her dancing at the event went viral; comments ranged from people slamming her for enjoying herself after her sister’s demise to people saying that she was too old to dance around.


The actor then took to Instagram on Monday, penning a lengthy reply for all the naysayers, saying that it is sad to see people’s reactions.

“I was in deep grief from last 3 months… and that loss is going to be in our hearts till our last breath. Two days ago it was a family dholki and all my friends were there insisting me to get out of the stress and my sadness…” she explained.

Bushra Ansari, 65, went on to share that she only tried to participate in the revelry for a few minutes with her son. She then called out ageist remarks, saying that maybe people “just want to see us unhappy because we are famous and especially when somebody is over a certain age.”

According to the Bay Dardi actor, it is the best age to enjoy life for her after having completed all her duties and achieving so much. “I don’t have any regrets if I am over 60,” she said.


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The veteran star went on to slam youngsters who use age as a “cheap weapon” to tell elders to not have fun. “Why not?” she questioned. “I don’t understand why young kids feel insecure about older people… if this is the only flaw, being old, please change your thinking or treat your parents the same way.”

“I am not answerable to any faceless troller because they never leave anyone even after wearing hijab… so stop hurting people it’s also not allowed in Islam,” she concluded.

Bushra Ansari also closed her comments section on the post to avoid any more trolling.


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