Wednesday, August 10, 2022

CAA official returns lost gold ornaments to its owner


KARACHI: In yet another instance of exemplary honesty, a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) official in Karachi has returned a bag containing gold ornaments and currency to its owner, ARY News reported on Wednesday.

According to the aviation authority’s spokesman, a passenger travelling via Pakistan International Airlines flight forgot one of his bags at the lounge at Jinnah International Airport, Karachi.

The passenger, after reaching home, immediately contacted airport police and lodged a complaint of lost bag, carrying gold and Rs3 million currency.

A civil aviation official found the bag and deposited it in CAA’s Lost and Found Departures department.

Later, the Chief Operating Officer (CEO) Karachi Airport formally handed it over to the real owner after carrying out necessary procedures.

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In a separate example of the same in nature, another CAA official had helped an Islamabad passenger retrieve his lost bag carrying Rs1 million in cash.

The manager-level official facilitated the passenger to reclaim his lost fortune after –a bag full of cash to the tune of Rs1,000,000.


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