Saturday, October 16, 2021

Man tries to rob same bank two days in row, gets caught


A man was arrested after he allegedly tried to rob the same bank two days in a row in the United States (US).

33-year-old Samuel Brown returned to a bank in Fountain Valley, California less than 24 hours after his first successful robbery at the same branch. He has denied the charges of second degree robbery.

According to police, the accused made off with “a large amount of cash” after he gave a stickup note to a teller at the Newhope Street Chase on Monday.

He came back to the bank the next morning and attempted to rob it again, a statement issued by the police said, adding the cops arrived at around 11:15am and arrested him.

Brown has previously been convicted of robberies in San Diego and had an outstanding arrest warrant.

He is being held on $170,000 bail in Orange County Jail, the police statement said.

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