Sunday, September 25, 2022

Can you find the odd one in image of rotten apples?


A brain teaser is going viral on social media in which viewers have to find an odd apple in the picture of rotten ones.

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The brain teaser shows a dozen red apples next to each other. They all have caterpillars oozing out of them.

It requires focus as the rotten apple’s colour, dot or angle makes it different from the rest.

The brain teaser has three rows and six columns which mean there are 18 rotten apples but one of them stands out from the rest. The viewers have to gaze through all the columns and rows to spot.

Here is a hint for those struggling to solve the brain teaser. The answer can be found by just toggling to the first row and fifth column.

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Concentrate on the maggot peeing from apples and you will notice that its colour is brown and its body structure is not curvacious like the rest.

Solving brain teasers optical illusions are a great way to spend time and test intelligence and observational skills.

An optical illusion is going viral where netizens were asked to spot a bat, butterfly and duck in a family picture.

It is easy to find the bat, duck and butterfly if the viewer looks at the shapes made by the objects instead of directly looking at object.

The shape of the duck is formed between the dog’s hind legs whereas the bat can be spotted between the boy and girl’s elbows. If we have a close look at the tree leaves in the background, we can see the shape of a butterfly.


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