Friday, September 30, 2022

Expensive cat goes missing from airplane cargo, cage found empty


LAHORE: A passenger onboard a flight from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to Lahore, Pakistan has reported that his expensive cat which was being transferred with him was lost in the cargo, ARY News reported.

The passenger, Azeem created a ruckus after landing at the airport upon the sight of an empty cage that was supposed to house his precious cat.

Azeem, along with his family lamented the flight staff and admonished the airport administration for criminal negligence.

The passenger claimed that he had boarded two separate cages with two cats inside, from Jeddah, he found one of the cages empty upon arrival to Pakistan when he off boarded.

“The flight staff has misplaced my precious animal, they did not even bother rechecking the plane for its whereabouts,” said a distraught Azeem.

The passenger has filed a formal, written complaint regarding his experience with the relevant authorities.


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