Sunday, November 28, 2021

Fortunate fishermen catch 78-kilo rare fish sold for over Rs8mil


Balasore: A 5-fishermen team found itself in luck for having caught a magnificent 7-feet ‘Telia Bhola’ fish that weighed about 78 kilos in the rivers of the Sunderbans, West Bengal.

The fishermen used their collective strength to land the massive fish they netted since, the fish is bigger than an average human. But after they caught it, the locals residents amassed to witness the spectacle of this huge rare catch.

When brought to the Canning market for auction, it was learned that the fish marked its first in any auction at least in this region.
“It is for the first time, such a huge fish was brought to the the market for auction,” a fisherman said.

The fish for a whopping Rs8.4 million as a Kolkata-based fish trading company called KMP bought it, the local media reported.

“We had never seen such a giant fish in this market. The fish was sold at the rate of Rs110,000 per kilo in the auction,” Prabhat Mondale, a fish trader in Canning told The Telegraph.

Why it’s so rare and posh?

According to the seamen there, the giant fish, known locally as ‘Telia Bhola’, has precious medicinal worth. The fish reportedly has valuable resources in its stomach that make it so expensive. The blubber of this fish has huge demand in the overseas markets and is exported for use in the manufacture of medicines.

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