Saturday, January 22, 2022

‘Chand Ka Tukda’ challenge: Indian play shows men ‘breaking’ a piece of moon for bride


After Rasode Mein Kaun Tha meme, another scene from an Indian play is going viral on social media with people mocking Indian plays and their foolish concepts.

In the latest disservice to science, a clip from an Indian serial is going viral that shows two men actually aiming for the moon and breaking a part of it because their lady love threw something like a ‘Chaand ka Tukdaa’ challenge.

The short clip from the serial shows that a bride sets a pedestal when she says that the person who manages to get her a piece of the moon will be eligible to marry her.


In a video, it can be seen that one man aims at the moon with some laser-like object, while the other one propels in his car towards the sky, as though it were a rocket, and reaches near the moon to break a part of the moon which then falls on the ground.

Last year, the scene from an old Indian play started trending on social media after a music producer named Yashraj Mukhate added a musical mix to a few dialogues of Kokilaben from the TV show.

The scene has Kokilaben scolding her daughters-in-law Gopi aka Gopi Vau and Rashi for putting an empty cooker on gas. She asks “Rasode mein kaun tha?” and a petrified Gopi Vau takes Rashi Ben’s name. And since then, the video has taken over social media and netizens are busy making memes on #RasodeMeinKonTha and #RashiBen.


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