Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Chicago mother shoots son dead over missing memory card


Murder charges have been filed against a woman in Chicago city of Florida state in the United States after shot her 12-year-old son dead for a missing micro SD memory card.

Yes, it all happened over a missing memory card.

A foreign news agency reported that the 37-year-old woman, identified as Fallon Harris, has been accused of shooting her son Kaden Ingram in the head multiple times inside their home in South Chicago.

The prosecutors have mentioned that Harris allegedly held her son responsible for taking out the memory card. She asked for it back. After his refusal, she opened fire at the boy.

The entire incident was all caught on audio and video both.

The suspect first answered a call after which she shot Kaden. The 12-year-old survived the shooting before being asked to tell its whereabouts.

Kaden got shot again, resulting in his death.

His father, Lavell, said that Harris was a caring mother but was suffering from metal illness.

“His mom is a loving mom,” he was quoted saying in the report. “She loved him more than she loved anything in the world.

“People need to know that mental illness is real.”

She is charged for the first-degree murder of the boy and was refused bail by the court. She will undergo a mental evaluation as well, according to the court order.

Several family members have stated that she was showing symptoms of paranoia.

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