Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Chief Justice Anwar Jamali to depart for Turkey tomorrow


News of the Chief Justice’s departure to Turkey for a week-long trip has caused quite a stir among political circles in the country. Justice Anwar Zaheer Jamali is departing for Turkey at a crucial time when opposition parties, especially PTI chairman Imran Khan, have called for a judicial commission supervised by the Chief Justice to probe PM Nawaz for the Panama papers controversy.

The government had decided a day ago to write a letter to the Chief Justice of Pakistan to form a commission to probe the disclosures of the Panama papers. However, the Chief Justice has decided to leave for Turkey tomorrow.

Owing to the Chief Justice’s absence, it is likely that the letter written by the government to the Chief Justice will not be have an immediate reaction.

During the absence of Justice Anwar Jamali, Justice Saqib Nisar will serve as the acting Chief Justice of Pakistan.

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