Sunday, November 27, 2022

CJP Khosa asks judges to guide young lawyers  


BAHAWALPUR: Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Asif Saeed Khosa asked his fellow judges to always dispense justice, ARY NEWS reported on Saturday.

“The judges should ensure that justice is done and leave the rest on the God,” he said during his visit to Bahawalpur, where he addressed high court bar and district bar association gatherings.

“Go and see how peaceful life the judges, who have dispensed justice for their entire life, are spending nowadays.”

He said people respected lawyers earlier and gave them way but nowadays this is diminishing.

The chief justice asked the judges’ fraternity to always uphold the judicial values and decide the cases as per the cause list posted outside every court room.

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Calling to promote young lawyers, the chief justice said there is lot of difference in the knowledge of judges and young lawyers, therefore, the former should guide and treat the latter with affection and patience.

If a young lawyer is unable to respond to a judge’s query, then instead of admonishing, he should guide him. “It is because you [judges] were also once lawyers and elevated to this post after completing a process,” he said.


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