Saturday, January 22, 2022

Video: Cockroach crawls into a sleeping man’s ear


In a stomach-churning moment, a cockroach crawled into a man’s ear and got stuck there while he was sleeping at his home in Philippines.

According to the details, Leo Orendain, 39, had just returned home from work and immediately went to bed before he woke in pain in Santo Tomas, Batangas province.

Leo had felt something scratching in his ear, and began screaming that it was ‘a huge ant’, and his wife called their cousin for help.

In the video, Leo’s cousin, Erwin Centeno can be seen using a torch and tweezers to pull the insect out of his ear. They were surprised when a cockroach leg dangled out.

He said, “The cockroach was moving its feet, I thought we were only removing an ant. I could not believe that it would fit there.”

The family poured baby oil on the ear canal hoping that the creature would come out, but it only burrowed deeper. After two hours of poking, Leo decided to sleep with the cockroach left inside his ear.

He refused to visit a hospital due to his fears of catching Covid-19, and there was no public transportation available at nighttime.

The next day, Leo even went to work with the insect inside his ear, but come evening, he felt painful scratching.

He said, “I could feel the pain from my ear up to my brain. I felt like it was biting me inside.”

The cockroach, after being stuck in the narrow hole for more than 12 hours, squirmed inside trying to find a way out.

Erwin tried removing the creature again, after it had partially emerged out of the ear canal, during the video taken on September 12, Mail Online reported.

Initially, they were able to remove one leg using the tweezers until they were able to remove its entire body.

Leo’s ear had blood marks and small wounds when the insect was removed so he had his ear checked for injuries but doctors said he was fine.

Doctor Dorris Velasco said, “He was lucky. His eardrum looked normal and we did not find any abrasions. It was intact and no damage was left by the insect.”

Leo went home after the check-up and said that he will always clean the house to rid of the pests.


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