Colors, aroma, and freshness galore; the story of Karachi’s only Flower Market at Teen Hatti

Five minutes away from the Mazaar of Syed Noor Ali Shaheed, resides Karachi’s largest and only wholesale market of flowers, Teen Hatti Flower Market. Trucks full of freshly plucked red flowers in large bins arrive one after another, leaving behind a few-seconds’-lasting sweet aroma.

“The business has never seen a low day in the past 40 years, until early 2020, when the world, including Pakistan, was engulfed in growing cases of COVID-19, followed by a worldwide lockdown,” said Ismat Ali, one of the oldest flower shop owners in the vicinity. He further talked about how the business is not doing so well these days due to the rapid rise in fuel prices.

One of the bouquet experts, Muneer told ARY News that the local flowers are mainly transported from Pattoki; a city in the Kasur district, every day. However, fresh roses come from Hyderabad. “Flowers from other countries come to our shop every Wednesday and Saturday, including Baby’s Breath, Grandiflora Roses, Tulips, and others,” he says. Terming Baby’s Breath or Gypsophila, as the embellisher of any bouquet, he states, “It costs around 150-200 PKR per stick.”

From the car of the newlyweds to the stage, or even the room, Teen Hatti Flower Market certainly is a one-stop solution to the floral décor for any wedding. A car décor ranges from Rs. 1,500-30,000, a floral stage costs around Rs. 15,000 to 300,000, and a bespoke bouquet is available for Rs. 500-20,000. Hence, the place is for consumers with every budget.

Several graveyard workers also fill Rickshaws with a few 10 Kilogram shoppers full of roses to sell at the graveyard entrances for the families of the deceased, every day. Moreover, a bunch of 20-25 cut flowers, with a price of just Rs. 150 are bought by the people who sell them for Rs. 50-100 each, making a quick and good profit regularly.

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