Sunday, September 19, 2021

Almost 6m Sindh people got Covid shots: Health department


KARACHI: The health department of Sindh government has on Thursday released the combined statistics on Covid immunization via Chinese origin Sinovac and Sinopharm vaccines saying a total of 5,107,024 doses have been dispensed to date, ARY News reported.

The department said there was a total of 1,719,418 vaccine doses of Sinopharm out of which well over one million were administered to masses as the first dose.

In the second dose for Sinopharm, 637,108 total jabs were administered while about 5,695 were wasted. The remainder of Sinopharm is 92,617 doses.

On the other hand, there have been dispensation of total of 3,387,606 Sinovac doses out of which 2,689,441 were administered as first jabs.

For second doses, 698,165 jabs have been dispensed, going by the Sindh health department statistics.

Sindh still has 470,762 remaining doses of Sinovac vaccines while 8,632 doses were wasted.

According to the numbers, a total of 3,771,751 have been administered their first shots of two Chinese vaccines.

Sindh also said the total number of people administered their shots, with all vaccines at disposal collectively, are 3,295,905.

Across Sindh, a total of 5,939,378 people have received at least of the Covid jabs. Karachi’s number stands at 3,295,905 shots, health department has said.

Karachi public hospitals have 398 ICU ventilators, health department says

It may be noted that As Covid-19 surge in the fourth wave mars the medical sector capacity to deal with arising challenges, Sindh’s health department has admitted Thursday it has 398 intensive care unit (ICU) ventilators across the metropolis while there 906 high dependency unit (HDU) ventilators as secondary support.

The health department said it has 906 HDU beds at service while 296 low-oxygen beds are available as well.

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