Monday, December 6, 2021

Cops ‘forcefully’ exhume body of labourer’s daughter, take photographs


HAFIZABAD: A group of policemen has allegedly exhumed the body of a labourer’s daughter in Hafizabad ‘without magistrate’s permission’ and taken photographs before asking the family members for reburial, ARY News reported on Tuesday.

The shocking incident took place in Hafizabad’s Qilla Ramchand area. It was learnt that the daughter of a labourer had died a few days ago and she was laid to rest in a local graveyard after the funeral prayers.

After her burial, the officials of Kaleke police stations opened the grave without getting permission from the magistrate for exhumation. The cops had taken photographs of the girl’s body and later asked the family for her reburial.

Police officials claimed that they recovered an unclaimed body which led them to open the grave of the girl.

Following the ‘illegal action’ carried by the cops, the family of the deceased girl and local residents have held a protest before the District Police Officer (DPO) office.

The protestors demanded strict action against the cops for disrespecting the girl’s body.

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