Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Couldn’t marry Deedar because of her stage career: Abdul Razzaq


Former cricketer Abdul Razzaq has opened up about his short-lived romance with stage actress Deedar, saying that he couldn’t marry her because of her stage career despite truly loving her.

Talking to host Shoaib Jatt on ARY News show Bouncer, Abdul Razzaq clarified that he did, in fact, have a serious relationship with Deedar back in the late 90s but their love couldn’t go further than that.

“We became friends in 1999, and I didn’t promise her that I’d marry her…” said the former all-rounder. “I had told her that we will decide with time. We were friends, and as for marriage, I had asked her for six months to make a final decision.”

Razzaq and Deedar

He added that he told Deedar at the time that he would see if he can marry her after the six-month time period depending on her making a career decision.

“She used to say that I can’t leave my career activities like stage dramas etc, so I told her that it would be hard for me to marry her owing to my family background…” said Abdul Razzaq, adding that after she refused to leave her career behind, the couple broke up.

Abdul Razzaq also confessed that they shared true love.

Almost 20 years have passed since then, and both Razzaq and Deedar have moved on and found life partners. Abdul Razzaq is married to Ayesha Razzaq while Deedar has been married to Hamza Bhatti since 2012.

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