Friday, July 23, 2021

Karachi police detain men who fired at, injured sacrificial animal


KARACHI: After the horrific incident of people shooting at and injuring a panic-stricken buffalo brought for sacrificial offering on Eid al-Adha, the Sachal Police Station has said they have detained the men behind the inhumane act and recovered weapons from them, ARY News reported. 

The buffalo was frantic and ran amok in the streets when they tried to control it ahead of slaughter, but upon failing to control it, they started firing at the innocent animal and ended up injuring him with bullet wounds.

After ARY News ran the blood-curdling treatment inflicted upon an animal, the police were prodded in action and they detained the suspects.

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The ammunition was recovered from the suspects, who wielded their guns blatantly in the streets, including a pump-action repeater and a pistol among other weapons.

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) East Sajid Sadozai said anyone behind the event will meet legal consequences.

Earlier today the scene was captured in various mobile phones as the buffalo broke out of his tethers and, out of fear, started running out of control. Tired, the people who brought him ran after the animal brandishing their arsenal and started shooting rounds at it.

The police said they identified these men using the footage and have arrested them now.

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