Thursday, March 30, 2023

Cuts made to Indus Highway as floodwater endangers Dadu city


DADU: The irrigation authorities on Sunday administered three cuts in the Indus Highway as floodwater from Manchar Lake has started flowing towards Dadu city, ARY News reported.

The authorities administered three cuts in the Indus Highway to save Dadu city from flooding as floodwater already affected parts of Pir Shahnawaz, Kamal Khan and Yar Mohammad Kalhoro of Dadu taluka.

The Sindh Prisons Department shifted 319 prisoners from Dadu jail to Hyderabad and some other prisons in the province.

Separately, Manchhar Lake floodwater, which is 10 times the lake’s normal capacity, deluged the grid station in Bhan Syedabad. The towns of Johi and Mehar remain cut-off, while Khairpur Nathan Shah is completely inundated.

The water level in Manchar Lake was continuously rising despite the administration of cuts at different localities by the authorities.

Despite the administration cuts on different localities, the water level in Manchar Lake was not reduced. According to the irrigation department, the water level of Manchar Lake reached 122.8. The authorities already administered three controlled cuts on Larkana-Sehwan (LS) embankment’s Mile 97 and 100 at a link road.

The National Highways Authority (NHA) last Wednesday closed the Karachi-Larkana Indus Highway due to flooding at various locations.


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