Sunday, August 14, 2022

Artist given $84,000 to create artwork submits blank canvases titled ‘Take the Money and Run’


COPENHAGEN: A Danish museum was in for a shock after an artist who was given wads of banknotes to create a piece of artwork with submitted empty canvases with the title “Take the Money and Run”.

The Kunsten Museum of Modern Art in Aalborg gave Jens Haaning Danish krone and euro bank notes, equivalent of nearly $84,000.

He was asked to recreate two of his earlier pieces, which featured banknotes attached to a canvas representing the average annual wage in Denmark and Austria, for an exhibition on labour conditions and money.

Aside from the notes, the artist was paid 25,000 kroner ($3,900) for the work.

To their shock, museums officials received blank canvasses. “The artwork is that I have taken the money,” Haaning told a media outlet.

He didn’t explain where did the money go. He said the artwork depicted his current work situation.

“I encourage others who have just as miserable working conditions as I to do the the same,” Haaning said. “If they are being asked to give money to go to work, then take the money and run.”

The museum said Haaning has broken the agreement on the use of the money.

“It’s not theft, it is a breach of contract, and the breach of contract is part of the work,” Haaning opined, denying having committed a crime.


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