Monday, October 3, 2022

Defuelling of stranded ship at Karachi beach completed


KARACHI: The Pakistan Navy along with other maritime stakeholders has safely completed the defuelling process of a merchant ship that ran aground at Seaview beach in Karachi last week.

According to details, there was a danger of oil spill from the ship Hang Tong 77 stuck in the sand on the shore of Karachi, however, the danger of environmental pollution on the shore has now been averted, said shipping consultant Mahmood Molvi.

Regarding the evacuation of the plane, Mahmood Maulvi said that three special tugs will arrive in Karachi in the next few days. The tugs coming from Dubai are capable of evacuating the ship from a shallow depth. He is still standing at the port repairing himself.

He said that the owner of the ship has appointed his agent to look after the affairs of the ship. If any damage occurs during the evacuation of the ship, the company will be responsible for it, while the evacuation process will start from August 15.

Contrary to claims, oil could not be extracted from Hangtong in a two-day operation

It should be noted that 2 to 3 tugs will come from Dubai to Karachi port for evacuation of the ship. There is also a danger of it breaking during the evacuation of the ship, for which all institutions have been alerted, while Salvage Master Will come from Singapore.

On July 27, 2003, Tasman Spirit, an oil tanker, ran aground while navigating to the port of Karachi. It broke up and spilled around 30,000 metric tonnes of oil over the next few days, which is one of Pakistan’s worst environmental disasters.


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