Monday, June 27, 2022

Delegation of Shariah Academy calls on Chief Justice of Pakistan


According to a press release, the Chief Justice of Pakistan welcomed the delegates and stated that since Islam is a complete code of life, it is incumbent upon all of us to follow its teachings and know about Quran and Sunnah as the major sources of Islamic laws.

“He also dilated upon the functioning of Supreme Court as the Apex Court of the country and Shariat Appellate Benches of the Supreme Court. Later, he answered the questions of the participants in an interactive session,” the release read.

It was also stated in the release that Dr. Habib ur Rehman thanked the Chief Justice of Pakistan on his own behalf and on behalf of the participants and introduced the participants to the Chief Justice of Pakistan. He also thanked the Chief Justice of Pakistan for sparing time for them and sharing legal experiences and knowledge.

“The delegation presented souvenir and publications of Shariah Academy to Chief Justice of Pakistan as token of respect and gesture of goodwill. Chief Justice of Pakistan also reciprocated the gesture by presenting a memento on the occasion,” the release read.


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