Monday, May 23, 2022

‘Dil Mom Ka Diya’: Ulfat’s tumultous mini-screen journey to end today


‘Dil Mom Ka Diya’, the play every TV fan in Pakistan followed with awe will end tonight.

As ARY Digital will air the last episode of one of the most popular plays to ever grace the mini-screen, the viewers will get to know the fate of the woman they all loved to hate; Ulfat.

The journey which started on August 28 soon took every TV fan along as Neelam Muneer played the multi-layered character with magical ease.

As one fan wrote, “Ulfat (played by Neelam Muneer) is many characters in one can say that it was perhaps written for Neelam Muneer, none else could have done justice to the character”.

With an ensemble cast including Yasir Nawaz, Imran Ashraf, Hira Mani and Qavi Khan, the play was bound to win hearts but it won’t be an overstatement to say that it became a chart topper thanks to Neelam and Yasir’s flawless acting.

Neelum played an over ambitious and greedy girl, Ulftat, who wishes to get everything in her life and is not stopping at anything to achieve all her desired goals.

Born poor, Ulfat’s father had no choice but to marry her to Afzal (played by Yasir Nawaz) who is marrying her out of sympathy.

Once married, Afzal leaves no stone unturned to keep her over ambitious wife happy but Ulftat, being Ulfat, is ungrateful and manipulative.

Afzal and his family make every effort to help her fit in their household but Ulfat not only ruins her own life but bring bad name to her otherwise pious family.

The writer and the whole team deserves accolades for making Ulfat’s journey in Afzal’s household interesting and adding layers to the character making viewers loathe and love her at the same time.

The last episode will air tonight at 8PM on ARY Digital.


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