Friday, August 12, 2022

Dive team finds cell phone from river days after, with alarm bell still ringing


A search and rescue dive team in the Idaho state of the US recovered a mobile phone that fell into a river three days back and found the alarm was still ringing.

A kayaker Tom Adams said he and his wife, Marlo, were kayaking jaunt on the Snake River when his boat overturned causing him to lose his phone, keys, wallet and the fishing pole into the fluent waters.

Adams contacted Search and Rescue Dive Team of Bingham County and it agreed to help delve into the river to look for his lost property as a training exercise.

“They use opportunities like this to practice and get more dive time in to prepare for the real calls, and more important events such as lifesaving,” Adams told a local news network.

“Many members of the dive team met at the boat ramp, geared up, and hit the water. Because of the current, they had to use a safety line.”

Adams said it took about 20 minutes of searching before one of the divers surfaced with his keys and his iPhone — which was still sounding an alarm.

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“It was still alarming from my Sunday morning wake-up call reminder,” Adams said.

Adams said the team was also able to recover his fishing pole.


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