Friday, August 12, 2022

Is this a dog’s head? the reality will shock you


The social media users were taken aback by a viral YouTube video that sees a cat looking like a dog’s head or vice versa.

The video got filmed by a Brazilian couple in Rio de Janeiro and was shared on YouTube by the ViralHog channel.

The illusion video sees the couple filming scenery when they capture a dog’s head in their camera. They zoomed in towards the dog and discovered a cat instead.

“We found the cat in the video by chance from our balcony,” the video description read. “When my girlfriend saw it, she asked, “Is that a dog on the roof?” Her mother said it was a cat. We couldn’t believe it.”

The video got 112,130 views and hundreds of likes. YouTube users took to the comment section to express how they felt.

“Cats have all kinds of defensive skills including disguises; the super spy’s of the mammal world,” a user wrote while another admitted to being scared by the video.

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There are countless websites and social media pages and groups which host illusion pictures and videos for the netizens.

A photo shared on social media platforms left people baffled as they were unable to figure out whether it was a man walking in the woods or a dog running towards the camera.

When you look at the photo for the first time, you will think that you are seeing what looks like a man heading into the snowy forest.

On a closer look at the optical illusion, it’s quite clear that it’s actually a black poodle dog running towards the camera.


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