‘Don’t think too much, just do whatever you like’, Vlogger Abrar Hasan

Pakistani travel Vlogger Abrar Hasan who completed a 50 days bike ride to Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah pilgrimage, shared his experience in detail with ARY News.

In an interview Abrar told that although it was a very long and tiring journey specially when you are travelling on a motorbike, but the overwhelming response he got from the people of Iraq and Saudi Arab was something he was not expecting.

“When I was travelling in Iraq, I met a policeman who became very happy when I told him that I am from Pakistan” Abrar told.

“Similarly when I was travelling in Saudi Arab I saw a woman selling something in a market, I was quite surprised because I was not expecting a woman running a shop there, I went there and told her that I am from Pakistan, she treated me like her guest, offered me tea and wished me luck for my journey.”

His video of interacting with women selling tea in Saudi Arabia went viral on social media. The video made him famous in the country.

“Whenever I go out with my motorcycle … the support and love I am receiving right now is just incredible,” he added.

Talking about following his passion of travelling, the Vlogger said, “many people think that I have a lot of experience in travelling on a bike but the truth is that I learned to ride a bike in 2019 and after getting my driving license I kickstarted my journey.”

Apart from his love for adventure, Abrar Hassan is a mechanical engineer, associated with a German automotive company.