Tuesday, August 16, 2022

‘I am fine and healthy’: Dr AQ Khan refutes reports of his death


LAHORE: Renowned nuclear scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan has refuted the reports circulating around regarding his death, saying that he is completely fine and healthy by the grace of Allah Almighty.

Dr Khan, in his video message on social media websites, said that fake reports are being spread for his death. He added, “Nation is worried after the reports about me. However, I’m fine and by the grace of Allah, I am healthy as well.”

The founder of Kahuta Research Laboratories clarified that the reports were spread by the anti-state elements and the announcement of his death will be made from his home. He advised nationals for not believing the rumours.

The scientist further said that the Allah Almighty will definitely keep him alive for many years to give tough time to the enemies of Pakistan.

It may be noted here that the nuclear scientist is currently under treatment in a hospital due to ailment.

Overview of Dr Khan’s life

Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, ‘Mohsin-e-Pakistan’, celebrated his 83rd birth anniversary on April 1.

In 1936, Khan was born in Bhopal, India, he later migrated along with his family to Karachi.

Khan received his early education from Karachi’s DJ Science College, then in 1961, he went to Europe for higher studies and earned his PhD degree from the universities of Germany and Holland.

Dr Abdul Qadeer approached the then Prime Minister of Pakistan Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto in 1974 and informed him about his expertise in the challenging process of Uranium enrichment through which Nuclear energy is acquired.

Qadeer offered to serve Pakistan with his capabilities and Bhutto immediately asked him to return to his country.

Bhutto provided all resources to Qadeer for initiating the nuclear program and as a result, Engineering Research Laboratory was set up in Rawalpindi on July 31, 1976, which has been now named Abdul Qadeer Khan Research Laboratory.

After two years of relentless efforts, Khan was successful in his experiment of Uranium enrichment. Meanwhile, an atomic power plant was established in Kahuta where Pakistan manufactured its biggest weapon.

On May 28 1998, Pakistan carried out its first atomic bomb and enlisted itself as the first Muslim nuclear country.


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