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Elvis Presley: Conspiracy theories claim he is still alive


Elvis Presley has been subjected to various conspiracy theories over the years, due to all the weird sightings since his death.

In nearly four and a half decades since Presley’s death, many loyal fans have remained certain that the ‘King of Rock n Roll’ is still alive and had actually faked the death to live a private life away from fame.

The admirers have cited various weird sightings of the celebrated artist as their claims. Here are some of the most fascinating and surprising Elvis sightings shared by witnesses.

The first Presley sighting

A theory claimed that on the afternoon of August 16 1977 – the same day when Elvis died – a man who looked quite like the legend, allegedly purchased a one-way ticket to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The claims suggest that he gave the name ‘Jon Burrows’ for the ticket, an alias that Elvis commonly used while booking hotels.

The poolside photo

Mike Joseph clicked a picture in December 1977, where he claimed to show Elvis Presley sitting in his pool house. However, as per Joe Esposito, the person in the photo was Al Strada and not Presley.

Elvis Presley in ‘Home Alone’

One of the mad theories claims that Elvis made an appearance in the 1990 film ‘Home Alone’, 13 years after his death. When Kevin’s mother Kate checks flight availability, a bearded man can be seen in the background claiming to be the Rock legend.

The 1988 phone call

An author Gail Brewer-Giorgio, had claimed to have had a telephonic call with Elvis Presley in the 1988 summer. The writer is the same one who birthed the theory of Elvis having mafia connections and claimed the phone call was recorded after Elvis contacted her directly.

Presley Michigan spotting

A theory suggested that Elvis Presley was spotted in Michigan, the city where he played last four months before his death. A woman named Louise Welling claimed she had seen Elvis standing in line at the local supermarket, adding that he had a white jumpsuit and purchased an electrical fuse.


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The singer passed away on August 16, 1977, at the age of 42. The Rock legend has been played by Austin Butler in the recently released biopic ‘Elvis’.


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