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10 GIFs that might make you rethink ‘genuineness’ of the WWE fights

World Wrestling Entertainment is one of the popular wrestling event’ followed worldwide, and most of its superstars enjoy a huge fan-base, even more than that of sporting figures in some cases. But does it really what it appears to be in the fights?

It’s a long-running debate whether WWE fights are altogether scripted, but all the fans don’t like the idea of questioning the ‘genuineness’ of the game – reason being the debate might die down their excitement.

Not too many years ago, a script of WWE Raw in 2014 was leaked online and it stirred up a debate.


It is said that the WWE is predetermined and scripted! With that being said, there’s also an undisputed truth about the wrestling. Many accidents can happen which are not part of the script. The emotions, the dedication, the commitment of the superstars are real.

The WWE superstars create moments that can shock us, make us boo them or cheer them. These are the moments, reasons why there are millions of WWE fans.

Let’s take a look at some of the GIFs that could make you rethink about ‘orignality’ of the WWE battles in the ring.

How did John Cena fail in hitting his target? and that was caught on camera





We knew ‘Hulk Hogan’ was so powerful in his heydays, but the ‘HBK’ went ahead in making this fight look so ‘scripted’





How did Batista fail to perform the “script” so badly? Take a look yourself



Faking tangle in the ropes…



Superstars bleed by doing the blade job — refree caught on camera




Ric Flair is a showman, but not all the times.


Check the power of tables used in the fights — even the ‘Big Show’ was shocked


Was that really scripted?



Was this wrestler reminding Scott Steiner of his next move? 😛




Even Undertaker’s Tombstone was not actually what it looked to be!




That’s so poor, even a kid can spot it…isn’t it?



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