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100 vehicles gutted in fire at Aero India 2019 show

BENGALURU: More than 100 vehicles were gutted in a massive fire that erupted in the parking area near the venue of Aero India 2019 show.

As per officials, the fire broke out in the dry grass and spread to the parking area near the venue of Aero India show, while the show was taking place.

The rescue team removed adjacent cars from the parking lot to control the spread of fire, after which the situation was under control. No injuries or any harm to people was reported.

“The most likely cause of the incident is dry grass and fire aided by heavy winds,” said Director General of Police in Karnataka State and Chief of Fire & Emergency Services MN Reddi.

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Indian media reported that the cars, which were burnt, belonged to the spectators who had come to see the air show.

On February 19, a pilot was killed and two others were ejected safely as two Indian aircraft crashed after a collision, during rehearsal of the Air show in Kishan Nagar area of Bengaluru.

According to Indian media, the jets were rehearsing for the Aero India show at the Bengaluru airbase, when the incident occurred.

The Indian media while quoting, Wing Commander, Praful Bakshi, said, “Carrying out formation aerobatics is extremely dangerous, and requires hours and hours of practice.”




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