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Buried evidence: 2009 report spoke of 2700 mass graves in Occupied Kashmir

SRINAGAR: Around 2,700 mass graves were found in the north of Indian occupied Kashmir, a report of the International Human Rights Court published in 2009 said.

The report highlighted the surge in gruesome crimes of India occupational troops against innocent Kashmiris. It ponied out that during the excavation in 55 villages in the north of the held valley, some 2,700 mass graves were found.

As of today, normal life remained crippled in occupied Kashmir valley and Muslim majority areas of Jammu region due to continued military siege on the 63rd consecutive day on Sunday.

Kashmir Media Service reported that people continue to face immense hardships due to the heavy presence of Indian troops in every nook and corner and suspension of means of communication. All shops, main markets and educational institutions continue to remain shut and public transport off the road in Kashmir valley as a mark of silent protest against the repeal of the special status of the territory by India.

Narendra Modi-led communal government in New Delhi had put occupied Kashmir under military siege on August 5 this year when it repealed the special status of the territory.




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