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5 famous sting operations


Lets have a look at five famous sting operations.

1. Watergate Scandal (USA):

Watergate scandal that made Richard Nixon the first American president to resign was a result of a sting operation by two budding reporters of Washington Posts. The scandal that changed the political history of US was based on the burglary in the office of Democratic Party in Watergate complex. The sting operation, carried out by two reporters of Washington Post revealed that American President was a part of break-in at his opponents office.  Later when the scandal broke out, the video tapes that had the crucial discussion of President Nixon with his close officials revealed his involvement in burglary and paying the team a hush money to be quiet.

2. Cash for votes sting operation:

CNN-IBN an Indian channel carried out an undercover sting operation in 2008 that exposed that a political alliance UPA (United Progressive Alliance) led by Sonia Gandhi bribed the member of parliaments of other party. The channel showed a video tape in which a famous politician Amar Singh was giving money to a BJP MP. The MP took the issue to the parliament and told everyone about the cash which was given to him to cast a vote of confidence in a bill. The channel’s reporting was highly praised by the public and stake holders.

3. Sarah Ferguson (England):

Sarah Ferguson is a former wife of Prince Andrew who is the second of  Queen Elizabeth II was filmed in an sting operation by News of the World. Sarah was filmed in May 2010 offering a business tycoon access to Prince Andrew for  £500,00.The business tycoon was a journalist in disguise and they exposed the video of the Duchess of York in which she is taking $40,000 as an advance payment.

 4. Tehelka Operation West End (India):

An online magazine in India called Tahelka carried out a famous sting operation called Operation West End in 2001. The channel exposed the tapes of corruption in Indian Defence Ministry, many officials were shot while taking bribes in arms dealing. This operation went so successful that the Defense Minister George Fernandez had to resign from his post.

5.  Sar-e-Aam (Pakistan):

The most watched crime show of Pakistan Sar-e-Aam carried out a sting operation to expose the corruption in Pakistan Railway. This whistle-blowing program of ARY News hosted by Iqrarul Hasan had conducted a sting operation wherein railways’ officials took bribe and allowed smuggling of weapons via train from Lahore to Karachi.   The video was filmed to unveil the disoriented security arrangements in Pakistan Railway s but it seems like that this episode of Sar-e-Aam has blown the lid of a big corruption scam in the respective department as the repercussions of the sting operations are critical.



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