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6 Pakistani women entrepreneurs who have changed the country's bad image

1. Jehan Ara:

Jehan Ara is one of the most famous name when it comes to Pakistani female entrepreneurs. She is the active president and the mastermind behind PASHA (Pakistan Software Houses Association). The company that focuses on IT by providing software products and services is the brainchild of Jehan Ara. An entrepreneur, motivational speaker and writer Jehan Ara is a known name of marketing and communication for almost three decades.

2. Salma Jafri

The girl who entered the professional world after completing her MBA with a job, today is known as a successful marketer. Salma Jafri is the founder and CEO of WorldPL.net a portal that provides a platform to young entrepreneurs who wants to put their content through social media. WordPL is a content marketing firm that works in divers fields like marketing, consulting, IT, HR, social media, customer services, online video, film-making, audio, training and e-learning. Salma knows how to take care of both the worlds as she is a mother and a business woman. The lady who founded WordPL in 2008 is now leading it with great expertise.

3. Sidra Qasim:

Sidra Qasim is a young innovative entrepreneur who introduced the handcraft shoes on the internet.  Sidra is the co-founder of home town Shoes company which is now known as Markhor. It is an exceptional portal which sells the handcrafted shoes of Pakistani craftsmen to the world. Isn’t that new and creative!? Sidra Qasim along with partner Qasim Ali have taken Pakistani handmade leather shoes for men to the international markets. The firm has got enough recognition as Sidra has major buyers from Europe, the lady wants to build a better image of Pakistan through her work.

4. Sheeba Najmi:


A MS from Stanford University who started her professional career as a reporter in a Pakistani satellite channel Sheeba Najmi is now the founder of “Tech for Change”. Tech for Change is a non-profit organization works to eliminate civic and social problems of Pakistan by bringing entrepreneurs, developers and designer together. This talented young lady has also worked as the lead designer of Yahoo mail for several years.

5. Kalsoom Lakhani

She is the CEO of invest to innovate (i2i) a company that recognizes and trains budding entrepreneurs. I2I not only trains the entrepreneurs but they also introduce them to their clients. Kalsoom Lakhani is also a member World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers. Not only this, this talented graduate from George Washington University is also the founder of CHUP (changing Up Pakistan) that aims to create awareness regarding different issues of Pakistan.

6. Roshaneh Zafar:

This brilliant lady is the founder and managing director of Kashaf Foundation. This foundation works to educate, fund and spread awareness to the working women of rural areas in order to change their economic condition. Roshaneh Zafar got her education from a prestigious institution Yale University and left her handsome job at Wold Bank to start Kashaf Foundation. Her hard work is paying back as she is among the few female game changers of Pakistan who have changed the commonly spread notion regarding Pakistani women.



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