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69 ‘Gutka’ factories are working in Karachi, says intelligence report

KARACHI: As many as 69 big factories producing ‘Gutka’ (a kind of tobacco) are working in Karachi, ARY News reported on Monday, citing sources.

According to the sources, the data unearthed in a report was handed over to the Karachi police by the SSP Intelligence.

As per the report, the factories are situated in all six districts of Karachi. A large number of the factories were reported to be situated in the metropolis’s west district, where 32 factories are producing ‘Gutka’. 10 in the central district, 9 in Malir, four in district south and seven each are present in district Korangi and East.

The report had also highlighted the names of the persons, who are operating the ‘Gutka’ factories and exactly where they are situated and jurisdictions of the concerned police station.

The police officers have been advised to take stern action in this regard as the factories are being run under the patronage of some policemen, the report said.

It may be noted that Chewing of gutka can lead to imprisonment of one to six years in jail, according to a newly proposed bill in the Sindh Assembly.

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According to the bill, selling and buying of chewing tobacco or gutka at public places should be banned. This includes schools, colleges, hospitals and other places.

It further proposed that a fine of Rs500,000 should be imposed on violators.

Gutka is a preparation of chewing tobacco made of crushed areca nut, tobacco, catechu, paraffin wax, slaked lime and sweet or savory flavourings.



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