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85 pct of total petrol in Sindh is smuggled from Iran

KARACHI: 85 percent of petrol sold out in Sindh is smuggled from Iran and this business runs under customs, police and agencies – ARY News reports.

Sources told that the monthly turnover of smuggled Iranian petrol is more than Rs 1 billion, whereas officials of police, customs and other government agencies also earn a big deal out of this business.

It was reported that officials get several crore rupees monthly, as bribe and no one can dare to abandon the smuggling of this unprocessed fuel from Iran.

According to oil tankers report, 85 percent of petrol sold in Sindh is raw Iranian petrol and the extent of commission in this business has got no match.

It was said that a person involved in trading smuggled petrol becomes a millionaire in a very short span of time, yet there must be some secret behind as nobody speaks out on this illegal business being run openly.

The issue came into lime light after a road crash between two buses and two trucks at RCD Highway near Gadani check post in Balochistan on March 22, in which at least 35 people were killed and scores of others were injured.

The road mishap occurred when two speeding buses collided with oil tankers coming from an opposite direction on RCD Highway.

The oil tankers were carrying smuggled petrol which caused the blaze that burnt the passenger vehicles and resulted in huge losses of life.




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