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Aamir Khan's movies gross bigger than Shahrukh's overseas!

They don’t call him Mr.Perfectionist for nothing. The veteran actor’s top grossing films, namely 3 Idiots, Dhoom 3 and PK have secured the highest three sports in the top 5 internationally grossing Bollywood films category. Out of the lot, PK has made history by being the highest grossing Bollywood flick internationally.

PK released to universal acclaim and critical appreciation. Aamir stars in the film as an alien who is part of a mission to conduct research on humans but gets stranded on Earth. The humanoid starts questioning people’s religious superstitions and belief’s, often leading to hilarious outcomes. The film’s unique plot and witty humor was readily accepted by the audience. PK received considerable attention overseas and reportedly Aamir was even approached by Harvard university to lecture the students there about the character of PK.

The top 5 films and their respective grossing figures, according to DNA reports are:-

3 Idiots: $27,000,000 (Approx INR1,676,295,000)

Dhoom 3: $27,969,454 (Approx INR1,736,483,550)

PK: $26,307,214 (Approx INR1,633,020,300)

Chennai Express: $18,155,736 (Approx INR1,127,017,310)

Happy New Year: $13,500,420 (Approx INR838,173,575)

As can be seen, Aamir’s movies have secured the top three spots out of the five. Hence, it is an apparent observation that SRK has been comprehensively outmatched as far as the overseas market is concerned. Though Shharukh’s movies such as Chennai Express and Happy New year have pulled in impressive numbers yet Aamir can rest comfortably at the top as both films do not present much of a challenge to PK or the rest.

Why Aamir Khan’s films pocket astronomical amounts from the overseas market can be attributed to a few reasons. Firstly, in contrast to most of Shahrukh Khan’s films, Mr.Perfectionist stars in films that have a solid plot and flawless character development-structure to carry the theme of the movie. Secondly, most of the times, Aamir goes out of his way to prepare for a character role and yes, it does click with the audience. His tattooed, muscular look with the bizarre hair cut successfully amused the audience. His humanoid role in PK, with the green eyes, stiff movements and jutting ears, did the trick again.


Aamir Khan as PK

Shahrukh Khan might proclaim to be king, but Aamir’s made sure he’s not one to take a knee in front of any celebrity!



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