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School going Abbas walks a distance of 1 km everyday for water

Quetta: 11 year old Abbas Ali covers a distance of 1 km on foot everyday to collect water for his family after coming back from school.

While speaking to ARY News, Abbas said, “I do at least 11-12 rounds everyday to get sufficient water from my family. My hands and legs hurt, I sleep at night then the next morning I have to do the same thing again.”

Belonging to a small household, Abbas’s family cannot even afford a tanker as the tanker prices have surged more than a 100 percent following the water shortage adding on to the locals’ misery.

“The water lines are all broken there is no water, we don’t know what the problem is”


Sadly, this story is not only of Abbas. The water woes of the three million population of Quetta are worsening with each passing day as the Water and Sanitation Agency (Wasa) has failed in finding a practical solution and the underground water level has further deepened to over 300 meters.

The province of Quetta requires some 200 million gallons of water while Wasa can only manage to provide 100 million gallons.

The new government has imposed a water emergency in the province.

Not a single functional girls’ school in Digari despite 5 years of education emergency in Balochistan







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