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Abducted boy reunites with family after 11 years using Google Maps

In what could be termed as a miracle, a boy was reunited with his family after being abducted more than a decade ago using Google Maps to locate the market where his grandmother used to take him when he was a child.

Ervan Wahyu Anjasworo, a resident of Indonesia, was abducted at the age of five-year-old by a street performer while walking home from a video game store.

The street performer told him that he would escort him home, but instead kidnapped the youngster and forced him to perform with him.

After two years of living on the streets, the performer was chased away by police sirens one day and the young boy ended up in an orphanage.

During his time at the orphanage, he recalled his memory to remember about his early memories with his family, especially the market his grandmother used to take him to.

He used Google Maps to search the area and soon came across the Gonggang traditional market he could remember from his early years.

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Ervan gave the address to the social workers at the orphanage who contacted the market and found out information on the boy’s family.

He soon received photos of family members, who he recognized straight away, and Ervan was subsequently reunited with his family after 11 years.

His father Suparno admitted that he nearly gave up all hope of finding his son after 11 years, but still had a hope that he was alive and well.



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