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This youngster from Balochistan visited 132 cities on his CD-70 to promote the message of peace.

Balochistan: Abdullah Al Noor, a youngster from Balochistan covered a distance of 8,000 plus kms on his CD 70 to promote the message of a peaceful Pakistan and a peace-loving Balochistan. 

After having visited 132 cities of Pakistan, Abdullah is of the view that Pakistanis at core are united and peaceful, “I have understood one thing that if you practically start looking at things I never felt that I am in Sindh, nowhere did I feel I am in Punjab, Kashmir, Gilgit-Baltistan. The corner which starts from Quetta till Khunjerab from till Shandur, from Shandur till Chitral, from Chitral till Khyber I only found warmth, peace-loving people.”

This trip has helped Abdullah exchange culture and thoughts with his compatriots travelling at least 16-18 hours a day, “I started on 6th April and on the 22nd of May, it is the 47th day. In which I used to rest for 5 hours every day. I met people, exchanged cultures, thoughts, how Balochistan’s people are, what do they do, adapted other people’s culture.”

Abdullah Al Noor is an actor by profession and he wishes to take the message of a peaceful Pakistan to the world, ““My theme is simple, it’s peace. You need it, I need it, Pakistan needs it, the entire world needs it. So let’s promote peace.”



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