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Lahore man allegedly kills 25-year-old while imposing ‘abortion’ on her

LAHORE: The bereaved family of a 25-year-old woman to have died under mysterious circumstances, has booked on Thursday one of their neighbors on murder charges alleging he attempted to get an abortion for their daughter, ARY News reported.

Police have now the custody of the suspect Aijaz, who the father claimed administered abortion to the victim woman, and when she died amidst the procedure, he put on a pretense of an accident.

Aijaz tried to get the 25-year-old an abortion, said the police as they arrested him following an FIR on the complaint of the father.

READ: Lahore police announce arrests in mugging case involving Bitcoin

Police on Thursday claimed to have made arrests in a mugging case involving payment of Rs14.7 million through a cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, ARY NEWS reported.

According to details, the police after an initial probe claimed that they had arrested the drivers of the vehicles and travel agents who were involved in looting two foreigners after taking them to an undisclosed location.

The vehicles used in the incident were hired on rent, and the police have taken them into their custody. “An accused who portrayed himself as a journalist during the entire mugging episode is also arrested,” they said.



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