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Man awarded 60 years in prison for revengeful acid attack on fiancé.

Lahore: A young man is awarded 60 years of prison for ruining the life of his 24 years old ex-fiance in a revengeful acid attack. 

On 12th September, 2017, Asmat Ullah threw acid on Beenish in Lahore’ Defence area for rejecting his marriage proposal while she was on her way back home from a clinic. The culprit sought refuge at an outhouse of a politician where he was later arrested.

Asmat has been sentenced to 25 years in jail on two counts; Anti-Terrorism Act, 1997, and another 10 years under Section 324 of the PPC. The judge, Sajjad Ahmed, has also imposed a fine of 3.9 million rupees on Asmat as compensation for the victim.

According to doctors, the attack disfigured the face of the 24-year-old and damaged her eyes.

Speaking to The Nation Beenish Sharif (Acid Attack Victim)

“Everytime I think of it, I cannot believe that my face has been destroyed forever. I still can’t get over the fact that this has happened to me.”

Discussing discipline Beenish stated, “The individuals who wreck others’ lives ought to be made a case of. They ought to never be saved and ought to be granted the harshest discipline so nobody else ever ruins somebody’s life like this.”



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