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Adnan Sami faces backlash for praising India’s alleged “surgical strike”

India claimed to have carried out surgical strikes on launchpads across the LoC, which Pakistan military rubbished and termed it a statement by their army to ‘satisfy Indian people’

Adnan refrained from mentioning Pakistan in his tweet, presumably fearing tremendous backlash. But still he was taken to exception for his comment.

Sami didn’t stop here, he lashed out at Pakistani users saying that they fail to distinguish between ‘terrorists and ‘Pakistanis’.

The Indian government has granted him the right to stay in India, indefinitely, after he left Pakistan in 2015.




After renouncing his Pakistani citizenship, Adnan Sami had tweeted this statement:

“What an amazing gift I’ve received this birthday(42nd). The gift to breathe freely in my home. I can’t begin to express my relief and gratitude.  I’ve renounced my Pakistani citizenship and now India is my home, as it has been for the last 14 years,” the acclaimed musician had said.



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