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Afaq Ahmed wants MQM to bury hatchet, start talks

“The clash between Mohajirs is destroying youth, which should be stopped,” he said while addressing a press conference at his Defence residence in Karachi.

He said he wanted to save Mohajir youth from destruction and he would never withdraw from the politics for rights of Mohajirs.

“If Rabita Committee is shy of coming to me for their policies or ego, then I am ready to go to Nine Zero (90),” he said.

Afaq said he had buried his ‘ego’ for the survival of Mohajir community. “Politics of arguments is better than politics of fight.”

The Haqiqi chief refused to comment on former mayor Karachi and dissident of MQM Mustafa Kamal’s Pak Sarzameen Party.

“Give me a space from this topic as no one can speak against Pak Sarzameen.

“I am no player who will take wickets. Everybody has a right to join any party of his desire. However, no party should be discredited with the name of RAW, Indian intelligence agency,” he said.

According to a senior journalist, Tariq Habib, around 25, 000 youth have yet lost their lives in clash of the two parties claiming to be fighting for the same cause with different leaders.



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