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Afzal Kohistani’s nephew arrested on suspicion of murder

ABBOTTABAD: Following the cold-blooded murder of Afzal Kohistani, the man who brought to light the killings that followed the so-called Kohistan video scandal, police on Thursday arrested Afzal’s nephew on grounds of suspicion, ARY News reported.

The person, identified as Faiz ur Rehman, was arrested by police on a suspicion that he could be behind Afzal’s murder.

In support of its claim, the police said that when the murder took place, Rehman was accompanying Afzal and later, the personal, licensed firearm of Afzal was also recovered from Rehman, which gave rise to doubts that he was involved in the murder.

The family of Afzal has, however, dismissed the police version, saying that the police was covering up its negligence after it had turned down Afzal’s request to provide him security.

Our main story: Afzal Kohistani, man who publicised killings in Kohistan video scandal, murdered

Bin Yasir, Afzal’s brother, said that he had sent Rehman with Afzal to accompany him and he didn’t believe police stance that he murdered him.

“My three brothers have already been killed by our rivals. We repeatedly voiced our concerns for security but no one did anything for us”, he lamented.

The family also staged a protest demonstration outside the Cantonment Police Station in Abbottabad and refused to take the body for burial until their demands were met.

However, after negotiations with the police, the family decided to take the body to their village.

Statement of Rehman was later recorded with Afzal’s brother and lawyer in presence.

Police says he will be produced before the court tomorrow.



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