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Aliens or something else? Spooky-looking creatures spotted on camera

Is it really for the first time that the much-talked aliens are captured on a camera?

A video showing two mysterious creatures, with many believing it as aliens, is doing rounds on the social media and many thought the same.

The 14-second viral clip features two creatures –with large eyes and elongated faces — who seem to be standing in a corner of a roof.

However, on further observation, it’s quite clear that the two creatures are not extraterrestrials, but baby owls. With the spooky-looking adaptations, these owls might give a shock of their lifetime to anyone.

The video first surfaced in 2017, when multiple reports stated that the construction workers spotted the birds, known as eastern barn owls, at a site in Visakhapatnam, in Andhra Pradesh.

A twitter handle from where the video resurfaced again read: “I’m now positive that people who claim to have seen aliens have actually just seen baby owls.”

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The video has been viewed over 12 million times and had amazed some users to an extent that they are even ready to buy a little spaceship for the two little creatures.

Not all are, however, amazed as one user expressed his fear saying: How am I supposed to sleep tonight?



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