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Altaf calls for end to atrocities against MQM

In a late night speech in the wake of SSP Rao Anwar’s claims, Hussain said that political and military elite is thriving on the sacrifices ‘Mohajirs’ rendered for independence of Pakistan adding that if the injustices against the community would not stop neither Pakistan will survive nor will your rule.

He said that if establishment wants a war,  he will ask his party workers to get military training and and spend at least an hour for the purpose.

MQM chief lamented that Pakistan’s ruling elite never considered Mohajirs (immigrants) as Pakistanis and called for an end to the repeated allegation of siding with India.

He was of the view that Baloch, Sindhis, Punjabis and others made organizations for their political rights, none was crushed except MQM.

“But when we started our struggle, we were called agents of RAW (Indian intelligence agency) and a military operation was initiated against us”, said Hussain.

MQM chief opined that workers weathered every storm to chant the slogan of Pakistan Zindabad (Long Live Pakistan).

Condemning the much repeated allegation of working for India, he said that he now asks RAW to help MQM and let everyone see who is the agent of India.

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Lashing out at Rao Anwar

Hussain lashed out at SSP Rao Anwar who recently demanded a ban on MQM and called the police officer a ‘Bhangi’ (sweeper).

He maintained that the police officer is himself involved in criminal activities and it would be a disgrace for him to reply to his allegations.

MQM supremo claimed that his party is investigating the hidden link behind Anwar’s press conference adding that Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leaders have assured him that their party leadership has nothing to do with the SSP’s diatribe against MQM.

Hussain maintained that a mere transfer of  the cop will not work as the matter should be inquired judicially.

About some MQM worker’s alleged escape to India during the 1992 operation, Hussain said that when the then the LEAs did not let them live within their country, harassed their families, arrested their loved ones, so they were not left with any option but to flee to any country accepting them.

MQM chief asked Pakistan Army that have they not got criminals within their ranks while inquiring them about surrendering to Indian forces in 1971 war which resulted in the fall of Dhaka.

 ISPR condemns MQM chief’s remarks against Pakistan Army



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