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Altaf Hussain says never met or spoke to Saulat Mirza

Altaf Hussain maintained that whatever Mirza said were blatant lies and such statements cannot change the minds of his sincere political workers.

He maintained that if MQM were to misuse and dispose off its workers like ’tissue paper’ as Saulat Mirza claimed, the party would not have been as successful as it is today.

MQM chief appeared on ARY News show ‘Andar Ki Baat’ and claimed that he neither fears prison nor is afraid of trials adding that he was imprisoned for 9 months during Zia-ul-Haq’s regime without any charges.

Altaf Hussain lamented that MQM is being maligned without proof.

Answering a question, Hussain clarified that he never labeled all journalists as ‘bad’ but only spoke against few black sheeps.

“I am a fighter, I would not lose courage”, said the MQM founder.

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Meanwhile, MQM leader Babar Ghouri too denied the allegations leveled against him by Saulat Mirza and clarified that he has never ordered anyone to be killed.

Ghouri termed the allegations a ‘conspiracy’ against MQM.

It must be noted that notorious target killer Saulat Mirza in a video which appeared hours before his planned execution claimed that he killed KESC Managing Director Shahid Hamid on direct orders from Altaf Hussain.

The orders were given through MQM leader Babar Ghouri.

Saulat Mirza’s execution was delayed after the confessional video statement till his allegations being investigated.



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